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I reccommend Rescuealabrador for those wishing to adopt an older Labrador.  Dogs that are surrendered into rescue come from either pounds or from people that can no longer look after their dog for numerous reasons.  The majority of rescue dogs are from the age of 7 months to 18 months old, some much older and some younger, but mostly from this adolescent age group.  The reason being as they are still puppies but in an adult Labs body.  Rescuealabrador have their rescue's in foster homes, so the dogs are in a family environment, and have been desexed and given the attention they thoroughly deserve.  Most labs in rescue are bred by "Backyard Breeders" or "Puppy Farmers", who give the owners no support after the purchase of their puppy.  This is why we encourage puppy buyers to purchase their puppy from a reputable registered breeder, where lifetime support is given to the puppy buyers.  Registered breeders also take back the dog they have bred if the onwers circumstances change, or assist in finding the dog another suitable home, as it is a good breeder's worst nightmare to think that a dog they have bred is surrendered to an animal shleter or pound. 


Consider Being a Foster Carer...


Rescue groups depend on volunteer foster carers, so if you are interested in helping in any way, shape or form, please contact Rescuealabrador.com for details on becoming a foster carer - open your heart and home to a labrador in need - a very rewarding experience to help Labs in need find a forever loving home they deserve.  Rescuealabraodr are in desperate need for more carers - this rescue group has fostered over 100 Labs since June - they do an amazing job - but seriously - that is a huge number of Backyard bred puppies..... with Christmas approaching, this is sadly their most busiest surrender time, if you are thinking of helping in any way, please contact them - even browse their website to see the great work they do with the rescue dogs.


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