Embellish Labrador Retrievers 

Stud Dog Policy



Embellish Labradors require owners of approved bitches to agree to the following terms prior to using an Embellish Labrador stud dog.

* The owner of the bitch must provide copies of the bitch's pedigree and health clearances prior to the mating

* Currently CH Embellish Story Teller and CH Embellish Black Charm have frozen semen available to approved bitches.

* The stud fee is due at the time of mating or insemination, no service certificate or copies of the stud dogs health clearances will be provided until full payment has been recieved.

* The stud fee includes two natural matings (tie or slip), ideally 48 hours apart.  The bitch will be entitled to one free return if she does not fall pregnant or delivers one live puppy.  More than one live puppy is considered a litter.  A return mating will be offered to the same stud dog originally used, to the same bitch - unless prior agreement with both parties, within 18 months of the original breeding.  If the same stud dog is not available, then the owner of the bitch will have the choice of other stud dogs owned by Embellish Labradors via negotiation.   In the event that the bitch is unable to receive a natural mating, Embellish Labradors may request that the bitch be artificially inseminated.  If such is the case, Embellish Labradors will have the bitch inseminated by a licensed veterinarian of their choice, at the bitch owners expense.  

* It is the responsibility of the bitch owner to ensure the bitch is ready for mating, the stud fee includes up to 4 days of boarding at Embellish Labradors.  If a bitch is required to stay more than four days, a boarding fee of $30 per day will be charged.  It is therefore, strongly encouraged that the bitch is progesterone tested prior to arriving to ensure the optimal time of breeding, and unnecessary boarding at Embellish Labradors.  If progesterone testing is required during the bitch's stay, the cost of $100 (which includes the progesterone test and travel / time) will be incurred at the bitch owners expense.

* If veterinary care is needed at any time while the bitch is visiting, the bitch owner is expected to reimburse Embellish Labradors for said costs.  Embellish Labradors will not be held responsible for any of the above occurrences.

* Advance notice of a potential mating is recommended, however we will do our best to accommodate urgent requests where prior notice has not been given. 

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